Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Everyone has own understanding
but misunderstanding still occurred
since you have no meaning
but maybe others will misunderstood
is your poor presentation?
closes to you not mean having same frequency with you
the one whom always Agree with you
not necessary is sincere
Devil said :" i get close to you is dig all about you
i agree with whatever you said
in front of you
but.... deep in heart i not necessary will agree with you"
angel said :"then you get close with people is not from true heart?"
Devil said :"if not how can i survive?"
that's the true world
sometime we will see
why there are few people so CLICK?
why you cannot get into them?
but... are the click from heart to heart?
not really
because in another world
still got disagreement among
but... they'll dont know
otherwise how can they be in one bowl?

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