Tuesday, 23 March 2010


very bad temper these few weeks
works not smooth at site
co-colleague not follow the instruction nor request
PLEASE it for almost ONE YEAR...
but.. still the same
kind senior said
dont take it so SERIOUS
wish to change the condition
wish to make my work smooth
but... FAILED
They wont change their working attitude
shall i follow them?
different cases
m the final in/out recorder
m the part whom take in record for all out going or in coming
site operation will not suffer the subsequences from them
they can slumber follow their way
YES YES YES... in the meeting
but.. No No No for the outcome
that's now!

being scolding
no use
take your word and threw it in the dustbin
relunctant to follow
since salary still into my pocket
why shall we follow you?
your way only make my life difficult!!
your way only burden my work!!

since so...
stop nagging
stop scolding
Let it goes till ruin...
is the way?!

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