Monday, 2 November 2009

愿祂~保佑你 Lord will Bliss You!

Finally he's back from Singapore for a short time. Fishyu takes this weekend visit him. Sunday morning, woke up early to clean all the cloths then... started the 3 hours journey.
Took about 20 mins to get his house. Immediate recognise his red iswara infront of the house although fishyu didnt really remember the house no. here is he...
He's a excolleague, he's tall, thin, with a golden frame glasses, neat looking, walking straight, soft spoken but full of construction knowledge, super senior supervisor, Mr Banana...
Few month ago, got the news that he is having Nose Cancer... under threatment in Singapore now. Trying few times to get him. This is the week, he's back.
He came out from the house & smile to them, entering the car & heading to OLD TOWN.. He looks thinner, hair loose, white moustache.. abit sour, when saw him. In the cafe, trying to talk to him about works and others.. but.. he's telling them how's his condition... left few dosses. saw his hand abit shake when stiring the hot chocolate. Erm... fishyu nose was sour.
why, he's not smoking nor drinking, why is he whom get this sickness?! cannot understand how the life being plotted?
after a short meet, they send him back. Don't want to let him too tired! but he still cheerful looking his life. take this as a early retirement! ya... wish it!
on the way back, fish mind still cannot stop thinking his look... Look older... thinner... but.. wish his heart didnt give up!!
God Always Bless You!! my good friend Leemk.. you will recovered soon!!

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